5 months. (Purpose in the Pain)


5 months.
5 months and my heart is still torn.
I am still broken open, vulnerable to a world that sees tragedy and keeps on spinning.
Made victim to a cage I built myself.
Captured, enraptured by my own mourning and misplaced sentiments of grief.
Funny thing about life,
That amidst all of the trials and all of the strife,
God will always show us the bits and the pieces of reasons to keep believing.
Whether in wisps of whispers or in His SCREAMING, but when I am dreaming of a hope to split the skies, a beautiful display of a power that declares the truth that no one dies, and the tears that we cried will be wiped from our eyes.

Those who have gone on before will shoot up from the ground like trees, planted as seeds and bringing forth LIFE.

“Precious in the sight of The Lord is the death of His faithful ones.”

And I will put my hope in the Son, because it is by His blood that we overcome.
The grave holds no power,
Death has no sway in the fabric of eternity.
And in Christ, we are made free indeed, and I will cling to that for the watered seed that splits and grows and stands tall as a monument, a monolith, a testament to the glory of the God who set all of this into motion.

You held onto the truth, and I am compelled to hold on to the truth that in Christ, we are made free from the chains that we create for ourselves. You stood, facing the Son, spreading wide your arms, screaming “Death is overcome! My King has won!”

Praise be to the God who stepped down from Himself to free humanity from the bondage and selfishness they worshipped. Praises to the One who rescues and who says with bated breath “death is not the end.”


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