Patriotism and Pride

It is a dangerous thing when American Christians forget their calling, and the true purpose we are given. Today at church, this man couldn’t stop raving about something he felt God had given him to say. Normally, I would welcome such a display of passion in our church, but this was a very misplaced passion. He was most passionate about how horrible our country was now that Obama was re-elected. It was a story of doom and gloom, how the whole world was going to hell because a Republican isn’t in office. I got up and excused myself until he was done. It was appalling, really. It bothers me because politics, whatever you think about them and whoever you voted for, seem to be the only thing on some people’s mind. I’m afraid of the direction of this country not because of the political persuasion of our president, but because of Christians who do not approach the world in love. Who would rather spit rancour and hate about political issues than spend their time seeking to bring others to Christ.


The mission God has given to me as a minister of the Gospel is not one of American affluence, not one that seeks to raise me up above the masses and enthrone my standards. I don’t want my standards, I want God’s. I don’t want to worship a country, and ideal, a flag, I want to worship God. The mission burned into me is not one of soapboxes or rants about gay marriage and tax increases and government spending. Those things are all important issues, but the passion that God has sparked in me is the message of the cross, of a Savior who stepped away from his place to come, live a life devoted to his Father in heaven and die for my sin. He became sin so that I could be freed and demonstrated his power over death by rising from the grave and overthrowing the powers of Hell.


I am free, not because my citizenship is in America, but because my citizenship is in Heaven.

Orchestrate justice, my god.
Bring comfort to me, and seek my good as the ultimate end. For you are to me a great vending machine, milk and honey to my soul, my life made weary from basking in the American Dream.

Bask in the glory of democracy, scorning everyone who gets in the way of my vote. I get a vote! How glorious a system that puts my arrogance on the throne!

And when I don’t get my way, I rant to the empty pews!

Oh no. It seems that I’ve made myself a slave to a broken system of a political ecstasy built around my comfort.

And I’ve forgotten the profession of my hope, Christ crucified. Risen to demonstrate his power over death, hell, and the grave.

And the commission I have been charged with, to bring the world to Christ is marred by the cruel selfishness of democratic indignation!

Abominable in the sight of The Lord is the one who worships a flag in lieu of the Son of God. For he has already received his reward and it stares back at him with hollow eyes bathed in Stars and Stripes.

Abominable in the sight of The Lord is the one who worships himself, enthroned above the king of kings.

Pull the scales from your eyes and see the truth that salvation, not politicking, is the mission of God for this world.

We have been charged with a life devoted to the Gospel, not devoted to the polls.



By Him, all things hold together. He is our beginning and our end.



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