I am a Shipwreck

Your words are an ocean to me,

Waves groaning against currents pulling them back into the sea,

Forever going back and forth, front to back,

Meet me in the middle and we will learn to appreciate the stillness.

Your Spirit draws me like boats pulled beneath the tide,

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,

Believe me, I’ve tried to run away

to get away and find a bittersweet escape.

Set free.

Oh God, I’ve swam against the violent waves.

Shattered on rocks.

I’ve been a shipwreck for most of my life,

Fighting to survive.

In search of the water that keeps me alive,

Drowning in my insignificant insecurities and crying out for peace.

Oh, and in all of these shipwrecks,

Hulls laid bare along rocky shores,

I see the builder rebuilding,

With hands that carved out the sea,

Return to me, I scream through weathered boards

and he cries,

“Return to me.”

And he runs to meet me in the place I hid,

Where the rocky crags claimed my life.

And then he claimed it as his and rebuilt me again.

With those same weathered hands that carved out the sea.

Your mercy assaults me,

Like waves slamming down overhead.

Like images of uncertainty,

Giving way to overwhelming dread.

And then silence.


Your love is an ocean to me,

A restless ship in a storm-tossed sea.

Father, be my anchor.


1 thought on “I am a Shipwreck”

  1. “We’re made to be dream boats but we often feel like shipwrecks… Through Jesus, us shipwrecks are made into dreamboats and we’re called to sail not fail.” – Pastor Bill Yonker

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