Velocity (a poem)


You were a song spilling out of  speakers at 70 on the interstate,

Words I’d heard a million times, but never quite believed,

Emotions hid away for the sake of projecting the perfect persona,

A voice swept up and hidden in all those years I let myself be deceived.

“You are invincible,” echoed in my soul.

Spilling out like a song from the lips of a child certain of his own security at 85 0n the interstate,

Convinced that whatever gave him life would never feel so entitled as to take it away,

Believing that death doesn’t happen to kids our age,

That life clings to us and shrouds us from all that might expose us where we lay.

“You stand immovable,” screamed through my soul.

Believing that innocence clings to us like our souls are safe at 105 on the interstate,

Like, turn the speakers louder and believe that all the bad you’ve done doesn’t need to be washed clean,

As if all the good I’ve done will cover up those ugly stains on the side of highway,

Perhaps if I pray hard enough I’ll make it home in one piece, however obscene.

“You are unforgivable,” a whisper through my soul.

We believed we were safe at breakneck speeds on the interstate,

Found solace in the songs on the radio that blocked out all strife

Disregarding the sound of our own heartbeats at 200 on the Autobahn,

Convinced our souls are safe from the world we believed owed us our life.

“You are loved,” a voice calls out.

But there is freedom outside of ourselves,

Running parallel to us at the speed of light,

Calling, beckoning, come home, let go.

That voice that shakes the ages, pulls us from danger with all his might.

“You are set free.”

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything because I guess I just had nothing to say, but this is the poem I’ve been trying to write for months now. Granted, it may not be very good, but the image of a kid clinging to the idea of safety while needlessly risking his life has just kinda been stuck with me for a while now. We grapple with our own mortality, and believe the lie that we are in control, but we aren’t. And the only real freedom from our self destructive tendencies is found outside of ourselves in Christ, he is the only one who can free us from our love affair with sin and death. 


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