Thankfulness (so many someones)

So often, I forget how blessed I am.

Blessed that I get to spend my life with incredible people.

People who understand the depths of me and don’t run away scared.

Who know what to say when I am pushing past the brink of insanity,

Be it in joy or in grief. 1459120_10201143670979176_1178430830_n

People who love me unconditionally.

The ones that know me at my best and at my worst.

Who have celebrated my achievements with pride in their eyes and loved me at every stage of my life.

Those who have encouraged me to run faster than ever towards Christ as they modeled it for me.


The folks who have been family to me, even though blood doesn’t unite us.

The ones that remind me I have 8 moms who aren’t afraid to tell me like it is.


People who let me be myself.

Who I have made memories with that will last forever.





People who, even if they are introverted, allow me to be my extroverted self.

People who never refuse a chance to talk.

Who put up with me when that’s all I want to do.

People who entertain my eccentricities and, in most cases, join in the insanity.

And people who love me enough to be honest with me when I am wrong.


Those that get what I mean when I pray that Jesus would become the only thing I desire out of life,

Those who make it their goal to keep me accountable in that.

Who never miss a moment to remind me how much they love me.


Those who may be gone for now, but will never be forgotten.

And those who I can turn to for anything.


I am blessed to call these people family.

I am blessed to call these people friends.

There is so much joy in knowing that someone loves you.

And I have so many someones.


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