remember when (or, when Jesus was enough.)

Today is National Poetry day. The theme for 2014 is remember. I’m in a transitional stage of life where I am finally on my own, living by myself and trying to figure out how to get along in this world. Incidentally, as much as there could be to say about moving forward, it seems my heart and mind are constantly trapped in the past. So, that said, I’m going to write a poem about remembering. 


Remember when when we were young and careless?

No worry, no doubt, bold and fearless.

Between bravery and depravity, we were broken but not faithless,

Remember when we said this, looked back on times when the world made perfect sense?

When we were held in the arms of a Savior who took on my doubt and all of my sins,

But back then my heart was filled with pretense.

I remember when I saw each day as a mystery.

I knew nothing of longing, wanting, or misery,

And nothing of a grief so grisly it washed out the best of me.

Remember when I wrapped all my inconsistencies tightly in a bandage made of grace?

And repentance was repentance unless I fell flat on my face,

And so stupidly believed I had to start back at the beginning if ever wanted to win the race.

Remember when my Savior was my Savior when it was convenient?

But when I was wound so tightly in my misnamed bandage of shame,

I forgot to look at all of the broken pieces,

I forgot to watch them shine.

I forgot the way they were held together to grow back together,

I forgot the way they glowed.

I forgot my redeemer’s voice when he said your sins are forgiven,

I forgot that in Jesus, I could never be denied heaven.

I forgot that in all of my shame, one voice stood above the rest.

I forgot as I used past mistakes to hold myself under duress,

I forgot I have a father, friend, and brother who constantly reminds me that I am blessed.

I forgot that I am free to flee from the wicked way in me that keeps me running back to my knees,

With no intention of being set free.

Remember when we saw the love of Christ for what it is.

Remember when we saw the chains of sin broken,

Remember victories and the ecstasies of a God who talks back.

Remember hoping and praying for freedom and seeing it granted.

Remember when? Remember then.


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