Helpful Sites

Below are some websites and ministries that I am very much in support of and I think it would be super awesome if you checked them out: is a ministry dedicated to prevention and accountability in regards to pornography addiction. Pretty straightforward. This ministry has impacted me so much, as porn became a struggle for me in middle school, something that ruined much of my life. Honesty is where freedom begins, and I believe that freedom is attainable only through Jesus Christ. Without him, all attempts at accountability are nothing. But because of his grace and the community Christians are called to be, freedom is just within reach.  XXXchurch believes this as well.

Levi the Poet is a Spoken Word artist whose work has always inspired me and encouraged me to be honest and to never be afraid to feel, be it pain or joy. His art is unique, and his heart for Christ floors me. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at a concert, Incredible guy. Check him out at or buy his stuff at Bandcamp (here).

Come & Live is a ministry that gives away free Christian music of various genres. To check them out go to:

Change This World provides meals to children and families in developing countries as a tool to bring hope and change lives. The goal is to reach young people before they need to be rescued—providing them with education, training, and an opportunity to break the cycle of hopelessness and poverty. Each meal delivers the ingredients needed to sustain life, and by partnering with strategic organizations the food also opens doors for education, practical training, the ability to plan for the future, and the strength to see it realized. These meals equal hope for communities around the corner and around the world. Check them out at

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